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10 September 2013 @ 07:45 pm
He posted this gem, and my husband's response (he actually was wearing the shirt; he didn't dig it out just for the reply) is below. Cracked us all up.
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13 May 2011 @ 05:58 pm
Wasn't too bad, other than lack of sleep. We took Zoe in for her one month on Monday. Piglet has gotten up to 6.5lbs. He says if she's still going up at the two month, we can take her off that gnarly preemie formula, which is now causing her to hack and sputter and spit quite often. It's pretty scary to see. We've not laid her flat to sleep in like a week due to being freaked out.

Joe lost the TN job to someone asking for a specific guy for his slot, but his direct boss gave him stuff to do at the plant my dad works at, so Joe went to work three days this week, meaning no splitting sleep shifts, meaning I didn't really sleep. Zoe likes to kick my incision when she's not quite out of it. I discovered today she does that when wet or she has pooped. It's like she's trying to use her legs to push herself away from what is in her diaper. Kinda amusing.

Took her out three times this week, Mother's day, one day to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and to Target, then today to a buffet and to Sam's for cookout supplies for Sunday. We may take her to the local Walmart, which is less busy than the city one. I also need to do another Target run and Michael's, hopefully solo, to get some stuff with coupons and gift cards. Also need to get my parents something for their birthdays, but I'm completely at a loss. Last year, since we were both kinda slammed around my parents' 60th birthdays, my brother and I made up for it by getting them a Bluray player than can run Netflix, then three months of Netflix. He also got Mom XM. Can't afford to do that again, and I can't get Mom anything sweet, since her diabetes is kinda whacky right now. Grr!

Anyway, hands hurt trying to type with Zoe on my lap. Angle is weird. Heh.
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12 April 2011 @ 07:20 pm
It's been a busy week, and it's kinda hard to type at length on a laptop, especially since my nails grew like mad in the hospital, go figure.

I think things pretty much got started at the baby shower. Had quite a few comments about facial bloat, but it seemed like everyone thought it was normal, so no big deal. Then we went out Sunday, April 3rd for our anniversary. Had Chili's and went to Babies R Us, Target and Walmart to try to get some of the stuff we hadn't gotten at the shower. My car still had a jumper in the backseat and big boxes of wipes, a baby tub and changing pad in the trunk when I went to my 34 week appointment Monday the 4th.

As usual, my blood pressure played around. But this time, I was stuck there until noon (appointment was 9:30am) trying to get my bp down. What was funny was I told Joe to not drive to NJ until I gave him the word, cause I had a feeling. Ended up I was driving myself to L&D around 1pm to get checked in and observed. Joe met me there a bit after I arrived. Blood tests and pee tests and fun stuff like that. I ended up with another IV before they admitted me to do a 24 hour urine test. There was talk about induction that night, but they waited for the test results. Spent all day Tuesday peeing like crazy and watching TV. My mom and Joe stayed in the room Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. The 24 hour results came in as really high (I think the count they used was average is 3, I was 8 or something nuts). I was never told if it was Pre-e or PIH, all I knew is the doctor on call Tuesday did a surprise cervix check (very painful for someone who was on pelvic rest most of the pregnancy) and they put in a cervadil. Also, I got magnesium, which made me feel like I had the flu and was on fire (there was mag and something else, the combo was awful). Tuesday night was okay, Wednesday was miserable. I was bawling by the end, just wanting it done with since I felt like they had to give me the flu to get the baby out. Another cervix check at stupid o'clock revealed I was making progress (3 centimeters!) and that I had probably been having contractions a while, but they didn't register since they were all really, really low, like pubic crease low. They broke my water (nothing much happened with that except more fire/pain feeling, then I got my epidural. Seriously, life turned completely around with the epidural. I had visions of floating on clouds in a royal blue sky and just happiness. Was very odd. Sadly, that stalled labour, and dipped my skyrocketing blood pressure from hanging around 200/100 to something as nuts as 90/60 in a very quick manner, which made baby go "WTF?" and freak out. Everything ended as I suspected, with a c-section Thursday morning.

That was also weird. They moved me to a stretcher, handed me a cap for my hair, rolled me to the ER and it was over pretty quick. I just kept my eyes shut (the pain meds were making me hallucinate) and kept telling myself I could sleep when I heard her cry, which was actually really quick. She came out LOUD. Someone got a cool picture of me seeing her for the first time, which I really didn't see very well since I was hallucinating anyway, but the photo is awesome. She came out 4lbs 1.16oz, screaming, completely able to suckle (surprised the first nicu lady who fed her, who expected Zoe to take forever to eat a tiny bottle, but instead Zoe sucked it down in no time flat). The only things that have gone wrong with her since she was born was a brief period of high bilirubin, which didn't surprise Joe or me; we had both been jaundiced as babies. Right now she's back to her birth weight, allowed to eat whatever volume she feels like. She has only monitors on, no IV or breathing apparatus at all. She's basically there until she can gain weight without sliding backward and while maintaining her body temperature. She basically kicked my ass, but I'm fine with that since she's having a much easier time of things.

I also feel a bit better about having a second kid down the line, since if a second pregnancy goes toxic like this one did, I'd probably go right to c-section without having to appease a few people by trying to go for a vaginal delivery (36 hours of attempting it).

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28 March 2011 @ 06:19 pm
While waiting for the next opportunity to eat something, might as well post about the shower.

I wore one of the shirt's Joe's mom gave me, and maternity jeans for the very first time this whole pregnancy (just days before 33 weeks. Still fit my jeans, just sitting long term sucks) and actually fooled with my hair. I got it cut earlier this week, cause I've given up completely on my hair growing with pregnancy. Epic fail.

Went in a half hour or more early to help my mom set up. Several people showed up pretty early. It was basically a couple of big batches of people around 1:45 and another batch at 2:30. Everyone pigged out. We had a huge Edible Arrangements display from Joe's mom, a tray of Chik Fil A nuggets, Lil Smokies, homemade mints I've not had since  I was a little girl (almost cried eating the first one), nuts, all kinds of little munches and cupcakes in strawberry or chocolate, from boxed, cause I cannot do Walmart or grocery store cake at all with this pregnancy. Homemade is fine, Boxed was fine, but super sweet whipped cream topped cake, no go.

Did the games after, and the prizes were a hit. I had picked stuff from Bath and Body works. Ended up skipping one game cause one game tied. Then the gift opening began. So many things. Lotta clothes, goodish amount of diapers due to the raffle, and a few of the big items that didn't ship to my house. Gonna start the notes tomorrow once I get the address list from Mom. I lost my address program years ago, thus losing everyone's addresses.

I felt weird opening stuff. I always feel like people find it boring as hell. Mom had to leave after 1-2 gifts (traded off with Dad, who got bored taking pictures really quick and started cleaning). Mom had to go get JD to take him to a birthday party, and had to take Grandma back to the Carrington. She was one of two surprises. Grandma came and Kristen's mom, Claudia, came. She had just had a stroke about two weeks ago, and got a "day pass" from her center to come. I almost cried when she walked through the door.

All in all, things went pretty well. My niece got to come after pestering the shit out of her mother for the day she'd had her. Then Emma spent the time being all quiet. I tried to get her to come help me open gifts, but she refused. She loves opening things.

People trickled out a few at a time during the gifts (seriously, there was a lot), and then a lot left right after. I think Kristen and her mom were the last to leave, then Frieda and Dad. Dad packed my car, forgetting I have a Honda Fit with a completely flattenable back seat. He packed everything into the backseat and the front passenger seat. The trunk was TOTALLY EMPTY. LOL Ended up with the Edible Arrangement in that spot, though. My car smelled like melons the rest of the night.

We came back with Mom after she dropped JD off and finished cleaning up. So much glittery stuff on the floor and the Mason's lodge has NO dustpan. That was fun. That and Dad unplugging the chocolate fountain early made cleaning that up an adventure. We went out to dinner afterward with Mom since she had to leave her food to go run around partway through the shower, then we picked up JD, who made faces at Joe's Pandora Musicals channel all the way back to his mom's place. When we got home, we took the arrangement apart and then I finally took off my shoes and saw my ankles. HOLY CRAP. I have no idea who owns these feet, cause they don't look like mine.

And the best part, blood sugar after the shower was like 105 or something, and after dinner was like 98. With me not even really thinking about what I ate. Awesome.

We're on the last legs of nursery prep now, since Joe leaves the 4th for the entire month of April, and I can't paint or build stuff. The room itself is painted, the bathroom is Kilz'd currently, with paint and a light fixture to go, and the crib and changing table are put together. Once all that is done, the dresser refinished and moved, and the construction debris cleaned up, it's all on me to do the rest, which is mostly small projects. Yay!
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26 March 2011 @ 10:04 am
This will be interesting. I hate being the center of attention. Hopefully I don't spike my blood sugar too badly eating some junk today. =P
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05 March 2011 @ 02:20 pm

How long have you been on Livejournal? What major life changes has LiveJournal witnessed?

First question listed was submitted by badass_tiger. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.)

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Officially on my old one and this one, since early 2001. And there have been tons of changes. Injuring my back, going to Battlebots and meeting Joe, dating Joe long distance, 9-11, meeting Joe's dad who passed away a few months later, moving to NH, my grandmother losing her mobility and developing dementia, moving back, getting married, my brother getting married, having two more kids and getting divorced, the great "everyone loses their job and health scares/deaths happen" of 2006, the most recent thing being getting pregnant.

Don't update nearly as much as I did in my old LJ, even though I tried to make myself. Shit either is just too boring or happens too fast, never any in-between. =P
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04 March 2011 @ 09:59 am
I've wanted to post, but typing on the laptop is a nightmare.

Not much really interesting in life right now, so here's some highlights of the boredom:

1. Nesting has kicked in, for both of us. Two weeks before leaving for work, Joe jumped in on getting the nursery started. All the unneeded furniture is out, the wallpaper peeled off like candy wrappers, it was so easy, and the bed is bead blasted and repainted, and set up up there. The walls are mostly done but for some cutting in. Next big jobs up there are finishing the walls and refinishing my old dresser to match the crib/changing table, which have to be put together. It's pretty awesome up there.

2. Had my 28 week appointment. Blood clot is all gone, no cyst showing any longer (they checked again). Got a brief 3D face shot and she yawned emphatically. Was cute. Did my GD 1 hour test that day and failed in spectacular fashion (191).

3. Had the three hour test two days ago and failed THAT in spectacular fashion. 80 fasting, 232 1 hour, 200+ 2 hour, 75 3 hour? Apparently my blood sugar works like my fucked up blood pressure, go me. I have to pick up my meter today, and I have classes next week and the week after. I'm feeling super ill from upping my protein. I think I'm seriously on the road to have every "threatening to the mother" pregnancy complication in existence or something.

4. Got the carseat blanket pretty much done. Now working on one that matches the pack n play, then I gotta do the crib afghan, which I have no idea how to count for, since it's going to be mattress size and not arbitrary sized like the baby blankets (which are generally 41-43" squares).

5. Been working my butt off in general since Joe left for work Saturday (10 dayish trip this go, then home for a couple weeks, then a month gone in April). I half finished the bathroom, the kitchen is totally usable, including having dishes, silverware and pots and pans (things piled up when I was on bedrest), and the dogs are going to have scrubbed crates today (I got crate pads, hoping they can't yank them out like they did the towels). I'm hoping I can get the crates done, the tub and sink cleaned, then I can go out and get my meter.

6. I would kill just about anyone right now for some Easter candy. =(

7. Installed WoW on the laptop. At most, I can do archaeology in the old world. Not tried in BC areas yet. Org is useless, and the video settings are cranked all the way down, but I can do little things at least. Sucks the laptop overheats to unbearable in about an hour.
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04 February 2011 @ 09:45 pm
Trying so hard to not spend half the day in bed, but I still tend to. I will randomly zonk out, usually around 4-4:30 until 6. I think I'm sleeping through the sun going down or something. I used to do that a lot while working a 6am shift.

Last week, we heard this amazing noise, sounded like a baby gate hitting the floor, but the dogs were in the bedroom with us. I go in to figure out what the hell had just happened. Apparently Joe was preheating the oven for a pizza and the half sheet pan he had in there pushed the door a smidge (this is something we've done before too with no problems) and the glass inside the oven SHATTERED. Oh it was a mess. I had to run upstairs for baby gates before the littlest dogs decided to eat some glass.

I called Mom about it the next day (was like 11:30 pm when the oven asploded) and she offered to replace it ("start looking around") since she owns the house, and then also offered to get the carseat for us since I was sure no one would notice the seat sitting on my amazon list when there is a BRU, Target and Walmart registry available. Yay.

Went out Monday to pick out the stove. I ended up hella sick over lunch, but managed to keep my food down. Tuesday, Mom and I went out to look at paper for baby shower invites, then I came home, Joe and I went to get groceries, then to the movies with my brother and his fiancee. Wednesday I think I was basically laid up all day cause Mon/Tue involved lots of running. Stove came Thursday. We christened it with ramen. 

I still have a pile of crafting things to do and an incredibly messy living room to deal with (that I didn't contribute to, blah). We're also looking into getting the iron bed I was working on bead blasted instead of just dealing with what painting I had done last summer. If it works out, we'll probably paint it white. There is such a huge list of crap to get done before Joe leaves for work at the end of the month. This whole spring is going to be absolutely insane and sitting around exhausted and nauseated is getting in the way.
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09 December 2010 @ 05:19 pm
Birthday weekend came and went. We had snow, like light, fluffy, happy, no-serious mess type snow all day. I putzed around most of the morning cleaning, then found out NO ONE was coming over after dinner and I gave up, so I'd not be worn out. I tried on a couple cute shirt combos from last year, and while they fit, I don't look rightly pregnant to pull them off (if I had a cute solid belly, I'd have worn them but nooooo, I just still look fat, it's just all moving in one direction, LOL.

We drove in early, expecting to get dog food on the way in, but deciding instead to get the food after. We did drop some bills at the post office, car taxes for the loss. We arrived really early and found out that my brother, his girlfriend and the kids were coming, which doubled the reservation, so we helped the restaurant move the tables and rearrange. I felt bad I didn't out and out invite them, but I thought Scott had to work and wouldn't want to drag the kids out if he could come, but it was nice. The kids enjoyed it. It's good when they can have chicken strips/nuggets that aren't all compressed chicken bits, but actual chicken breast. J.D. declared Depot Grill his favourite place ever to eat.

As for the haul, I got a card from my brother (we don't do birthday gifts), a card and a hundred bucks from Mom and Dad (they also bought my dinner, but not Joe's. They got burned pretty bad from the beer at Devil's Backbone on his birthday and saw he had a beer here and went "oh shit!" LOL. In our defense, he bought the beer at Devil's Backbone before they mentioned they were buying), fifty bucks and a card from Joe's mom, Joe got me the glider for the nursery and Michelle got me a Burt's Bees Giftset I've been eying since the Christmas stuff had been set up at Target. Yay for having new lip balms, cause I'm really beating the tar out of the one I do have.

I've had a piece of cake a night since, since I can't handle a lot of sweets. Ice cream cake stays down just fine, thank god. Real cake actually makes me very, very sick.

Sunday Joe did a photoshoot for his paintball crew, and I slept a lot. I think I was on Warcraft some Sunday night as well, then watched all the Christmas specials on Fox. Cleveland Show was really good, and I was impressed with Mike Henry singing as Rallo. 

Monday we went out for the midnight sale for Catacylsm. Our local GameStops did something really stupid. The one that's inside the mall, where it's nice and warm, sent ALL their preorders to one of the strip mall GameStops, with a horrible parking lot, in twenty degree weather. i got a hot chocolate and stayed in the car, but when we pulled up and saw 4-5 cars sitting in the lot idling, Joe went "fuck this" and went and stood by the door, basically bullying his way into first spot. At 11:20, they let us in, so I didn't have to be anti-social the whole time. I think I saw some mall regulars, but no one harrassed me this time. Joe wasn't being braggy for a change (he almost always brings up my rank cause it amuses him). We got our 180 bucks worth of collector's editions and one regular copy and headed out. The guy next to us pulled out of his spot first (I was on the phone with a former guildie) and then a car across from him backed right into him like he was invisible. The poor kid next to us was so freaked out and dude in the red car got out all aggro on the guy. Joe hopped out our car and was like "Dude, your fault, seriously, stop being an ass," to the red car guy. We waited till red car asshole left and green car left before we moved. I definitely didn't want my car backed into. That lot SUCKS.

Somehow I managed to stay up till 4am to play a while with Mark and Joe and see new areas. It was crowded and obnoxious, but the server was stable for all of it. Fetus was not happy I stayed up that late, even with the bribe of a slice of pizza.

Tuesday I did Archaeology all morning (after taking Gia to the underwater areas and freaking out after an hour cause I don't DO underwater at all), and got half a level from just that. So much fun. We did an instance that night when Mark got online and everyone just kinda went "whee!" spastic when we were there.

Wednesday I was Woke up, got sick before I ate. Got sick after I ate. Threatened sick after my lunch, then needed to pass out. I passed out from 5-7:30 and was sort of "bwuh? Who am I?" for a good hour or so before we got online and played again. Div is halfway to 82. No idea on Gia. Div's maxed with the guild, so I need to start cycling alts during the day. Our tiny ass little guild just hit level two for the 5% XP bonus!

Today went for lunch with Michelle and my body threatened to reject that as well. After having dreams about sweet tea (yes, I dreamed about sweet tea), I had like 4-5 huge glasses and then Fetus was like "HAHA! I'm gonna make you sick for giving me what i want!" This kid is so grounded the minute I give birth. Seriously.

We have a weekend of Warcraft leveling and J.D. and Emma's birthday to go to on Sunday. After that, we're not really tied down with anything serious until Xmas. I smell lots of Warcraft in our futures, as well as crafting stuff I need to get done.

Drink of the week was mostly Sunkist. I seriously almost killed an entire 2Liter by myself. Joe was shocked. Then it started to make me sick and yeah, no more orange soda for a while. Now it seems to be sweet tea that Fetus wants, but I gave in and now I'm confused.
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01 December 2010 @ 09:18 pm
Went to Walmart after making several other stops (and COMPLETELY forgetting the dog food, gg. Everyone is eating Old Lady Formula tonight) and saw the absolute cutest little girl, about age 2-2.5, playing around near the shopping carts. She looked almost like the dream kid from earlier in my pregnancy. Joe was absolutely giddy.

When we were headed toward the non-foody side to get my new supply of Tums (we got two bottles and he separated out the lemon and lime ones for me and kept the berry ones for himself since those make me ill, good man) he looked at me and was like "yeah, that looks about right." Oddly, I had been thinking the same thing.
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